September 25, 2019

【Thailandlife】AIS Newest Postpaid plan - Next G Flexi Speed (2019)

AIS, one of the biggest telecom recently has released a very appealing data plan

Anyone living in Thailand, you could now enjoy the high speed internet package, and the best voice call ever.

Simply apply with your work permit and passport at AIS shops nationwide, you could get the Next G Flexi Speed monthly postpaid plan

What are the specialties of this promotion?

  • All customers including new/current can register for this package
  • All package comes with unlimited AIS WiFi (you can usually find it in public space / shopping malls) and 200 minutes voice call allowance
  • For 450, 550 Baht package, after the data allowance used up, the 4G speed will drop to 256 Kbps and 384 Kbps for 750 Baht package

AIS NEXT G Flexi Speed

After you get the monthly plan, you would no longer need the WiFi at your company! Isn't that convenient?

September 05, 2019

【Agoda】 Save 18% With Agoda VIP: How to become Agoda VIP? (Nov 2020)

Agoda has a long time loyalty program before called Agoda Cash (Rewards), you can earn 4-7% rebate from every booking. This is the first time Agoda created a real loyalty program.

Updated Nov 2020: Agoda VIP Platinum members will soon access to special Platinum VIP room rates with early check-in, late check-out, confirmed upgrade and free breakfast benefits

Similar to Genius membership status, Agoda VIP will require you to book some stays before the status is granted. Unlike hotel chains elite status, Agoda VIP won't give you suite room upgrade, early check-in or complimentary breakfast at least for now, but with Agoda VIP status, Agoda will give an additional discount up to 25% for all hotels which participate in this VIP program. You may find most of top properties in Asia have been participated in this Agoda VIP benefit.

You can access Agoda VIP benefits on Agoda VIP website(

With Agoda VIP status, up to 25% additional discount applied!

From my experiences with Hilton and Marriott stays, Agoda often gave a lower room rate than book direct with the hotels.

How to become Agoda VIP:

  • Agoda Member
    Everyone starts from this level
  • Agoda VIP SILVER
    Make a booking at least 2 times within 24 months period
  • Agoda VIP GOLD
    Make a booking at least 5 times within 24 months period
  • Agoda VIP PLATINUM — Newest tier!
    Make a booking at least 10 times within 24 months period

Agoda Membership & VIP benefits:

  • Agoda Member
    • Best Price Guarantee for all booking
    • Agoda Insider deals (member exclusive room rates)
  • Agoda VIP SILVER
    • [New] Up to 12% VIP Exclusive Discount from Agoda VIP participating hotels
  • Agoda VIP GOLD
    • Up to 18% VIP Exclusive Discount from Agoda VIP participating hotels
  • [New] Agoda VIP PLATINUM
    • [New] Up to 25% VIP Exclusive Discount from Agoda VIP participating hotels
    • Coming soon — Special rate for Agoda VIP Platinum members with early check-in, late check-out, confirmed upgrade and free breakfast benefits

September 04, 2019

【Agoda】 Jobs at Agoda: Interview Process Guideline

Introduction to positions at Agoda and the overall interview process. Aptitude test, online assessment, interviews, corresponding departments to contact and the company's support for interview, offer, and relocation package. If you're looking for similar jobs such as salary, Engineer based in Thailand, Trivago jobs, Klook positions, OTA introduction, online travel agency, travel industry, customer services or travel agency, feel free to take a look.

  1. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process Guideline
  2. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Resume
  3. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Aptitude Test
  4. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Hiring Manager Interview
  5. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Managerial Aptitude Test
  6. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Interviews
  7. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Take home exam
  8. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Offer Get!
  9. Agoda Department Introduction 1
  10. Agoda Department Introduction 2
  11. Agoda Hiring - Customer Service Team
  12. Agoda Hiring - Techonology

Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process Guideline

Hello world! This is Maewnam’s adventure in Bangkok! This article is mainly about the job application process of Agoda

Just relocated to Bangkok around half an year, and recently heard some friends just got an offer. Seems like it's hiring a lot these days. Maewnam would like to note it down on this personal blog before forgetting everything, and hopefully it helps people.

Usually the process could be roughly categorized with the following steps:

  1. Resume submission (referral recommended & different channels may apply)
  2. Aptitude test: reading / comprehension / mathematics
  3. Hiring manager interview
  4. Manager's assessment
  5. Video interviews
  6. Face-to-face fly in interviews (with accommodation and flight support)

From resume submission to the offer, it's around 2-4 months, but heard someone has a longer process when applying for higher positions. (senior manager / director)

When the company is too big, especially when it comes to thousands of people, different big divisions are like function-specialized small company. This also applies to recruitment teams. Different departments have designated recruiting teams.

Of course there are some general HR, but their jobs are more like keep tracking overall headcount and the company's overall growth and development. That's also why this department is called People and Organization's Department.

My personal feeling... recruiting is a very hard job, and recruiters here are usually pretty busy.
Maewnam's recommendation is, if you are really in a hurry, you can ask your hiring manager or actively contact the recruiting managers and ask for the application time-line.


You could also apply some positions that you're interested in at the same time. Nevertheless, just as stated before, you might get different recruiters and you may need to rerun the whole interview process.

Sometimes you haven't heard back from the recruiters, maybe it's because the queue is too long or the positions are too popular. Don't give up! You can still apply after some months if you have any updates on your resume.

Welcome to contact me by the messenger widget or email to [email protected]

When you see some positions just recently opened, remember to apply fast, so you could avoid the queue!

You can also ask me for recommendation on positions / resumes, and I can see if there's any position to refer for you.

This is the strawberry milk flavored smashed ice in front of the company's entrance here... It's famous and popular here. And you can have it everyday if you come!

Good luck to your applications~

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