July 11, 2019

【Agoda】 Jobs at Agoda: Interview Process, Aptitude Test

Introduction to positions at Agoda and the overall interview process. Aptitude test, online assessment, interviews, corresponding departments to contact and the company's support for interview, offer, and relocation package. If you're looking for similar jobs such as booking.com salary, Engineer based in Thailand, Trivago jobs, Klook positions, OTA introduction, online travel agency, travel industry, customer services or travel agency, feel free to take a look.

  1. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process Guideline
  2. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Resume
  3. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Aptitude Test
  4. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Hiring Manager Interview
  5. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Managerial Aptitude Test
  6. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Interviews
  7. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Take home exam
  8. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Offer Get!
  9. Agoda Department Introduction 1
  10. Agoda Department Introduction 2
  11. Agoda Hiring - Customer Service Team
  12. Agoda Hiring - Techonology
Hello world! This is Maewnam and welcome to Maewnam's blog! This blog will be used to record the life of Maewnam in Bangkok :)

Today Maewnam is going to talk about the interview process Step 2: Aptitude Test

In a nutshell, you can definitely pass this stage if you really put effort completing the test

As long as you have basic math skill, comprehend paragraphs in English, and some other basic skill / personality test, you do not need to worry about it.

For example, the questions could contain some picture test... for example below, does the small segment could make the picture of the dog complete?

For math test, the test is very basic like the following:

The selling price of an Article is 2/3rd of its cost price. What is the profit or loss?

A) 25 % gain
B) 33.33% loss
C) 20% loss
D) 20% gain

or like:

18, 9, 28, 14, 7, 22, 11, 34, ??

Be confident! When you receive the aptitude test, that means you have passed the resume screening, and you got the entry ticket to the interview process!

Next step would be hiring manager review. Your hiring manager might be some managers in the department you are applying for.

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