July 07, 2019

【Agoda】 Jobs at Agoda: Interview Process, Resume

Introduction to positions at Agoda and the overall interview process. Aptitude test, online assessment, interviews, corresponding departments to contact and the company's support for interview, offer, and relocation package. If you're looking for similar jobs such as booking.com salary, Engineer based in Thailand, Trivago jobs, Klook positions, OTA introduction, online travel agency, travel industry, customer services or travel agency, feel free to take a look.

  1. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process Guideline
  2. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Resume
  3. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Aptitude Test
  4. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Hiring Manager Interview
  5. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Managerial Aptitude Test
  6. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Interviews
  7. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Take home exam
  8. Jobs at Agoda / Interview Process: Offer Get!
  9. Agoda Department Introduction 1
  10. Agoda Department Introduction 2
  11. Agoda Hiring - Customer Service Team
  12. Agoda Hiring - Techonology
Hello world! This is Maewnam and welcome to Maewnam's blog! This blog will be used to record the life of Maewnam in Bangkok :)

Of course, applying job, for the first step you would need to submit your resume

How do we make your resume shiny and selected by recruiters?

1. Mark your related work experience and skills and highest titles you've ever got. Past graduation certificates and skills as well. Shortly introduce your past projects and plans.

2. Use precise languages to present your past projects and appropriate tense. For example,

- The project has increased _____ sales for 150% in 1 quarter cooperating with 3 individual sellers

- visualize 1M customer read-time behavior with tood T 

3. For your personal information, you would only need to provide email and phone number unless the position requires visa; otherwise you could choose not to mention it.

If you're a designer or engineer, you could also attach your portfolio.

If you're a interpreter, you could list out your past experience and achievements.

Please refer to the job description while you're prioritizing subjects on your resume. Making resume match 100% on the requirements on job description would surely increase your chance. 

If you are interested or need help, you could submit your beautiful resume to [email protected]. Free consultation for your resume and referral!

A Bak Kut Teh restaurant recently opened in the mall:

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