September 05, 2019

【Agoda】 Save 18% With Agoda VIP: How to become Agoda VIP? (May 2020)

Agoda has a long time loyalty program before called Agoda Cash (Rewards), you can earn 4-7% rebate from every booking. This is the first time Agoda created a real loyalty program.

Similar to Genius membership status, Agoda VIP will require you to book some stays before the status is granted. Unlike hotel chains elite status, Agoda VIP won't give you suite room upgrade, early check-in or complimentary breakfast at least for now, but with Agoda VIP status, Agoda will give an additional discount up to 18% for all hotels which participate in this VIP program. You may find most of top properties in Asia have been participated in this Agoda VIP benefit.

You can access Agoda VIP benefits on Agoda VIP website(

With Agoda VIP status, 15% additional discount has been applied!

From my personal experiences with Hilton and Marriott stays, Agoda often gave a lower room rate than book direct with the hotels.

How to become Agoda VIP:

  • Agoda Member
    Everyone starts from this level
  • Agoda VIP Silver
    Make a booking at least 2 times within 24 months period
  • Agoda VIP Gold
    Make a booking at least 5 times within 24 months period

Agoda Membership & VIP benefits:

  • Agoda Member
    • Best Price Guarantee for all booking
    • Agoda Insider deals (member exclusive room rates)
  • Agoda VIP Silver
    • 15% VIP Deals Discount from Agoda VIP participating hotels
  • Agoda VIP Gold
    • Up to 18% VIP Exclusive Discount from Agoda VIP participating hotels

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